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Let's Change Together

A Diversity Guidebook for Startups and Scaleups


What is #ChangeTogether?

This guidebook was designed as a do-it-yourself on-ramp to help TWG and other small-to-medium-sized businesses take steps toward diversifying their workplaces. It documents the key successes and lessons learned over a 12-month collaborative period. 

Created by TechGirls Canada (TGC)
Piloted with TWG



The Guidebook

contains strategies that are designed to:



Acknowledge the processes of exclusion that shape our current environment.


Center the personal and professional needs and experiences of marginalized people.


Highlight the current disproportionate emphasis on personal and professional needs of those who most often experience privilege.



Watch the results

Improving gender and racial diversity requires many of the same skills we apply to solve difficult problems in other areas of our work: commitment, ingenuity, measurement, and iteration.



The stats

Here's where TWG stands

*as of November 28, 2016


Of TWG's team is comprised of women



Of TWG's directors are women




Of TWG's development team is comprised of women


Change Together was designed as a pilot to explore, test and report on a set of strategies for addressing intersectional gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace - and make this effort accessible for startups and scaleups specifically.
— Saadia Muzaffar



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