Frequently asked questions


I don’t have a huge HR team - can I still pursue a project like this?

Yes! This project was designed specifically for small-to-medium-sized organizations.


How will I know if I need a project like this?

This project is a good fit for you if:

  • Your organization has progressed beyond the early start-up stage and is looking to hire 5+ people per year going forward.

  • You've begun to look at hiring and workplace culture through a more systemic and less nepotistic lens.

  • Your organization lacks a formal Human Resources department (or have limited human resource capacity) to design and implement the desired policies and procedures.

  • Your organization lacks the budget to cover extensive third-party consulting hours and lengthy series of team-wide training.


How long does this process take?

Questions of diversity and inclusion are ongoing. With that in mind, while an organization may, ideally, start to see changes in hiring numbers and representation statics in a few months, this project does not end. Rather, it grows and adapts with the organization throughout its lifecycle. The focus is on impact - not just deadlines.


How do I respond to internal resistance to change?

Resistance is usually rooted in power-dynamics, and recognizing this fact is imperative. As a result, this question will have different answers if you belong to marginalized groups or are a member of groups who frequently experience power and privilege. 

That said, generally speaking, two factors disproportionately affect how well diversity and equity work is received within teams:

  1. This process can be uncomfortable, and it's critical to communicate that with your team. Be transparent about the goals of a project like this, and work with your team as you navigate sometimes difficult conversations.

  2. Active Executive sponsorship and visibility as change agents.

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Who will best benefit from #ChangeTogether?

Many leaders in science and technology organizations genuinely want to create rewarding and equitable workplaces for diverse, innovative, future-defining talent. If this describes you, we welcome you on board.

Given the complexity and nuance of this work, if yours is an organization that is looking for sheer optics and quick fixes at the cost of real, measurable impact - this guidebook will force you to reevaluate that stance.


How does the guidebook account for the fact that every organization is a bit unique?

Although there is a lot of common ground, every team and workplace has some aspects that are unique. Keeping that in mind, the guidebook does not walk the reader step-by-step through each suggested strategy. Instead, it documents the key successes and lessons gleaned over a 12-month test-and-learn period. You and your organization’s project team will go through the same process of selection, implementation and measurement specific to your workplace, and should use this guidebook as a useful structure for that process.


How will I know this project is working?

This guidebook and project require education, operational investment, and most importantly, a willingness to engage in difficult conversations while committing to measurable improvements. Change will take time. While you will notice more immediate changes in both hiring and retention you'll also see longer term changes as your team becomes wore willing to question and dismantle bias. 


Ready for change?

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have about the project.

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